Anna Koriagina has become the BREEAM standard appraiser


On June 25, 2012 Anna Koriagina, the head of the Real Estate Department of BETEN International obtained a license for green building projects certification by BREEAM standard (the type of license - International). It is important to note that the appraisers by this standard are a real rarity in Ukraine.  In the nearest future the company will appear in the official listing of licensed appraisers on the electronic resource of the standard.

To remind that the BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is a method of assessing of the environmental efficiency of buildings, developed in 1990 by a British company BRE Global. Under BREEAM, BRE Global supports the Council on Sustainable Development, representing the largest shareholders of the construction industry. BRE Global is worldwide preparing independent licensed appraisers to BREEAM controlled by UKAS in accordance with quality system ISO9001. The network of licensed appraisers counts more than 2,200 companies.

The number of real estate objects, certified by BREEAM exceeds 116,000, while the total number of buildings that are registered for be evaluated is 714000. The system is used for both new and in-service projects of the following purposes: Educational institutions, courts, industrial objects, objects of public health, office blocks, commercial areas, Prisons, Housing, Apartment buildings, modernization and improvement of environmental efficiency of existing building stock, Reconstruction of existing housing, socially territorial formations with integrated conditions for work, study, residence and entertainment, Other buildings and structures (development of individual schemes).

Evaluation includes the following criteria:

• Management 

• Health and Wellbeing 

• Energy

• Transport 

• Water

• Materials

• Waste 

• Land Use and Ecology Pollution

• Innovation

With the advent of licensed appraisers there is a great probability that in the nearest future, the Ukrainian market will be able to show its projects certified by the BREEAM standard.